Free the sensors

Collecting data in the edge is great until you need to analyze it. SQZ allows you to send 7 times more data from the edge to data centers, so that you can make better decisions.


Lossless compression

  • Great for sensitive files where a loss in quality would render the file non-usable or yield lesser value
  • No file degradation

Low latency

  • Great for situations where high frequency of transmission is critical
  • Reduces file pooling and backlogs


  • Great for sensitive files that need maximum discretion
  • Maximal encryption


  • Works the same on any file, which reduces an implementation systems necessary complexity
  • 1 greater than many

Bigger is better

  • Allows the user to adapt the system based upon their need
  • File compression rate gets better as the file size increases

Parallel processing

  • Allows the system to scale with the needs of the enterprise


At Rest

SQZ helps to reduce the cost of long term or archival storage massively. We have known for a while that data is valuable and the more data you have the better your companies odds of success are, but being forced to glean “unnecessary” data can prove to be a mistake down the road. By reducing the size to store your data we can enable you to store more data with existing infrastructure and reduce costs over long periods of time.

In Transit

SQZ makes moving a lot of data less painful. By compressing the data prior to sending it you can send much more through the same pipeline. It turns out that while the cost per GB in storage is reducing drastically it’s much more difficult to increase the bandwidth of data transmission infrastructure. SQZ allows you to use the same transmission infrastructure, but send more data.

Under Attack

It’s like finding a single needle out off all possible needles that could exist. From a brute force attack perspective the larger the file you compress with SQZ the harder it is for a would be attacker to find. We hide your file amongst all possible files that could exist of the same size, which means you’re data is safe in transit or at rest.