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Lognovation’s has been awarded a contract from Defensewerx – Sofwerx for the research, development and design of a system for transmitting and receiving machine data, audio and video losslessly over a low bandwidth mesh network.  Defensewerx – Sofwerx recognized the benefits of the Lognovations proprietary compression algorithm to deliver near real time latency at a very high compression rate to solve the constrained bandwidth problem encountered in the operational environment.

Unique features of the Lognovations compression algorithm that solves the large data transmission problem and the data transmission over limited bandwidth problem:

  • Working at the bit string level the algorithm compresses any computer readable file, therefore you need only one compression algorithm for all data types;
  • The high rate of compression is lossless.  It is the perfect solution for the transmission of executable files, mission critical data and any application where data loss is not acceptable;
  • The Lognovations compression is in near real time, 10’s of microseconds per MB file. Data transmission when you need it now;

Lognovations is thankful and excited to be working with Defensewerx – Sofwerx and USSOCOM on this forward thinking project.

About Lognovations

Lognovation’s high compression rate algorithm with near real time compression/decompression transforms the science and economics of data transmission and data at rest. Now data can be transmitted from environments were previously it was not practical or not economically efficient all the while expanding sensor options in these locations. More data through the same pipeline in near real time!  

Lognovation’s patent pending compression algorithm has wide application in autonomous   vehicles, IoT and streaming transmission.

About Defensewerx – Sofwerx

Defensewerx – Sofwwerx is a partnership intermediary to enable creative and integrated solutions to the United States Special Operations Command.

Defensewerx – Sofwerx is a not-for-profit corporation chartered to create an innovative environment for bringing together the best minds of industry, academia, and government to collaborate and find solutions to the toughest science and technology challenges.  Defensewerx is dedicated to expanding the capabilities and strategic supremacy of today’s warfighters.